50 Shades of Grey: Keep It Clean and Keep It Neutral

Gone are the days when boho decor was maximalism to the extreme. The haute bohemian look these days is all about mixing textures and patterns from around the world but staying within a civilized and more neutral color palette. We’re huge fans of using greys, earth tones, taupes and natural textures in our own decor. Looking for ideas? Mr. Grey will see you now.

Keep It Clean, Folks

Using neutral throw pillows on a sofa is a lovely way to incorporate global design without a lot of color or fuss. These Chiapas Wool Pillows are woven by hand on a backstrap loom by a family of weavers in Mexico. They feature natural wool hues including ivory and a grey stripe.

Meridian | Chiapas Wool Pillow - Grey Stripe
Chiapas Wool Pillow – Grey Stripe
Meridian | Chiapas Wool Pillow - Ivory
Chiapas Wool Pillow – Ivory

Get Crisp

Pair grey with a warm white to convey a welcoming space. The hand-tied fringe on this Woven Cotton Blanket from Mexico adds a perfect textural moment that is sure to be a point of conversation for you and your guests.

Meridian | Cotton Throw Blanket
Cotton Throw Blanket
Meridian | Cotton Throw Blanket featuring hand-tied fringe
That fringe though!

Practice Self Care

Grey is a color that never overpowers the rest of your space. It compliments any style and can serve as a form of comfort, especially when the temperatures get chilly. This Baby Alpaca Throw Blanket is made from the highest quality alpaca fibers, which are super soft and luxe.

Meridian | Baby Alpaca Throw Blanket - Grey
Baby Alpaca Throw Blanket – Grey

Go for Complimentary Patterns

The key to mixing patterns is to stay within a similar color palette and vary the scale of each print. We love mixing and matching square pillows with lumbar shapes for the perfect accent. Using both sizes will instantly level up your decor game.

Meridian | Beni Ourain Pillow II
Beni Ourain Pillow II
Meridian | Vintage Mudcloth Pillow I
Vintage Mudcloth Pillow I
Meridian | Vintage Mudcloth Pillow XIX
Vintage Mudcloth Pillow XIX
Meridian | Beni Ourain Pillow I
Beni Ourain Pillow I
Meridian | Vintage Mudcloth Pillow XXX
Vintage Mudcloth Pillow XXX
Meridian | Vintage Mudcloth Pillow XXVII
Vintage Mudcloth Pillow XXVII

Take It to the Table

Your love for neutrals doesn’t have to stop in your living or bedroom. Let your kale salad be what’s colorful at dinner and keep the rest of your pieces low key for a sophisticated look sure to please any crowd.

Marble Bowl - Lily
Marble Bowl – Lily
Meridian | Block Print Napkin Set - Farrah
Block Print Napkin Set – Farrah
Meridian | Woven Palm Basket XIII
Woven Palm Basket XIII
















Do you love neutrals as much as we do?




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