7 Steps to Go Hygge for the Holidays

Hygge has been all the rage for a while, and for good reason. Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is a Danish word that means everything about creating a cozy environment and surrounding yourself with things and people that make you happy. The holiday season seems to embody this concept, and what better way to cultivate hygge in your own home than through cozy, soft, and relaxing decor. Here are a few ways you can find (and gift) hygge for the holidays.


Step 1: Wrap Yourself Up in a Blanket

Merididan | Our Baby Alpaca Throw Blanket is buttery soft.

The simplest and most popular way to bring a little hygge home is through the use of cozy and soft blankets. The main component of hygge is finding happiness through coziness and comfort, and blankets are a great way to wrap yourself up in something warm and take a moment for yourself. Write down what you’re thankful for, have a cup of warm tea, or turn your eyes away from a screen – all while luxuriating in the warmth of a dreamy Baby Alpaca Throw Blanket or Cotton Throw.

Alpaca Throw Blanket – Natural (above)

Lightweight Throw – Sea Salt (pictured up top)


Step 2: Get Clutter Out of Site


Meridian | Bone Inlay Box and Vintage Indigo Zipper Pouch

Clutter is one thing we all could do a better job of containing. Don’t know about you, but whenever we clear off the table that always seems to accumulate stuff throughout the week, we feel an instant sense of relief, and stress lifts away from our shoulders. By having a place for your clutter, you won’t just throw it in a pile. A pretty box that holds the mail, or a zipper pouch that keeps your bottomless bag from looking scary will help you get a little hygge in your life, whether at home or on the run.

Bone Inlay Box – Black Floral

Indigo Zipper Pouch III


Step 3: Surround Yourself With People You Love

Meridian | Bone Inlay Picture Frames

Finding happiness at home is mainly about the people you love – the friends and family who keep you close to their hearts. If you can’t be with someone every day, a special picture frame is a wonderful way to keep them close, no matter how far away they may be.

Bone Inlay Picture Frame Black 

Bone Inlay Picture Frame – Grey


Step 4: Layer Your Pillows

Meridian | How to Layer Global Throw Pillows

Coziness has a lot to do with layers, and using several pillows of varying textiles, textures, shapes and sizes moves the eye around and brings character and a unique perspective to a personal space. Start with a similar color scheme and vary patterns and sizes, for example, or go for a more eclectic look with pillows that are one-of-a-kind as you are.

Chiapas Pillow – Ivory

Mudcloth Pillow I

Baule Ikat Pillow XXVIII

Baule Ikat Pillow XXV


Step 5: Put Everything in Its Place

Meridian | Woven Palm Baskets and Marble Bowl

Another way to de-clutter is to have a variety of small vessels that hold the little things, like jewelry, personal items, or mementoes. A handwoven natural basket, or an elegant marble bowl, are two ways to contain little things on a coffee table or at the bedside.

Woven Palm Baskets

Marble Bowl


Step 6: Include the Babes

Meridian | Our Llama Love Gift Set Bundle includes a luxe Baby Alpaca Throw Blanket and a sweet hand-crocheted stuffed alpaca

Kids are inundated these days with talking toys, screens, and just too much, all the time. A sweet, handmade stuffed animal is a great way to combat this phenomenon, especially since each one provides support and sustainable work for our Fair Trade partners.

Llama Love Gift Bundle

Step 7: Hygge for the Holidays

Meridian | Woven Basket Ornament Set

The holidays are the quintessential season for the hygge lifestyle. We’re cozying up, snuggling together with the people we love, and basking in the candle-lit flicker of holiday traditions. By hanging items on the tree that feel good as well as look good, you’re checking every hygge box. Find ornaments or table decor (these look cute wrapped around a napkin as a place setting) that compliment your aesthetic and provide opportunities for artisans working in traditional crafts around the world.

Woven Basket Ornament – Icy Blues



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