For the Lovely Couple: Our Gift Guide for Wedding Season

Going to the chapel this Spring and Summer? No fear, our annual wedding gift guide is back and filled with ideas for even the most discerning couples. Everything on this list is handmade by our artisan partners around the globe. Here’s a little something for every couple on your list.

The Couple Who Has Everything (or Royals!)

Once they realize how ridiculously soft this alpaca throw blanket is, they’ll thank you for years to come. It’s made in a sustainable fashion and perfect for snuggling in any season due to its microscopic air pockets that allow for air to flow through it on warm days and trap body heat in cooler weather. They’ll love it so much the Queen will be asking where she can get one, too.

Meridian | Baby Alpaca Throw Blanket - Grey
Baby Alpaca Throw Blanket – Grey

The Home Bodies

Let’s be honest, it’s impossible to Netflix & Chill without some comfy accoutrements. Enter throw pillows. This one features an authentic Baule textile from the Cote d’Ivoire with an eye-pleasing blue and white ikat pattern that looks good in any room, from midcentury to neo-trad.

Meridian | Baule Ikat Pillow XLVI
Baule Ikat Pillow XLVI

The Entertainers

Our black and white coasters are a practical gift for the couple who loves to have friends over. They look great on a bar cart or table and come with a feel-good back story. Our artisan partners in Rwanda are an organization that works with artisans in rural villages to provide education and job training. Each coaster is fair trade and made by hand.

Meridian | Woven Coaster Set - Dancer
Woven Coaster Set – Dancer

The Multi-Taskers

If your friends are, let’s say, in a hurry, a traditional Ashanti Doll carries some heavy fertility symbolism. Hand carved by a master woodworker in Ghana, these figures are traditionally carried by women who are pregnant or hoping to become pregnant to ensure the birth of healthy and beautiful children. Mamas-to-be would bathe, dress, and adorn the dolls with beads and jewelry, and then give them to their own children when the time came a special heirloom. Isn’t that sweet?

Meridian | Ashanti Doll
Ashanti Doll

The Globe Trotters

For the couple who loves to Honeymoon, 2nd Honeymoon, Engagement Moon, Just Because Moon, etc., here’s the perfect gift: A zipper pouch that holds all of their essentials. Our Zipper Pouch collection is ideal for containing passports, tickets, cosmetics, or those little things that get lost in luggage. Your globe trotters will love that they are made using gorgeous fabrics from around the world.

Meridian | Baule Zipper Pouch II
Baule Zipper Pouch II

The Sentimentalists

We all know someone who saves everything. After a while, though, ticket stubs, matchbooks and corks accumulate. These pretty boxes will hold any sort of paper ephemera, jewelry, and even unsightly remote controls all while looking gorgeous out in the open. Hide it in plain sight, right? Each Bone Inlay Box is built, designed, and laid out by hand by an artisan family who’s been doing this for multiple generations.

Meridian | Bone Inlay Box - Black Floral
Bone Inlay Box – Black Floral

The Chefs

Kitchen tools and equipment are the traditional go-to gifts on any registry. Expand their collection with these cheerful Tassel Placemats. They complement multiple decor styles and are sure to please the couple that loves (or is learning to) cook. Pair it with a fun and exotic cookbook and you’ll be invited over for tagines in no time.

Meridian | Tassel Placemat - Mushroom
Tassel Placemat – Mushroom

The Brunch Enthusiasts

Anyone with a classic style and who loves to brunch (who doesn’t?) has a new set of napkins coming: These are bright and colorful and come in mix and match patterns that elevate the style of anyone’s place setting. Each napkin is block printed by hand by our artisan partners in Rajasthan, India.

Meridian | Block Print Napkin Set - Samira
Block Print Napkin Set – Samira

The Indoor/Outdoor Dwellers

What we love about this Marble Bowl is that it makes a gorgeous statement by itself. Why we love it is that it is also practical and elegant filled with jewelry at the bedside or trinkets on the table. If your newlyweds are the al fresco type, they’ll enjoy that this bowl works indoors or out.

Meridian | Marble Bowl - Lily
Marble Bowl – Lily

The Meet Cute Couple

Since the couple can’t stop telling that story about how they met, they’ll love the symbolism on this Blue and White Porcelain Pot. The bridge represents a long journey and conjures up many stories in Chinese culture of people meeting romantically on or near a bridge. It fits a succulent or small plant perfectly, but also looks cute on a desk holding pens!

Meridian | Blue and White Porcelain Pot - Bridge
Blue and White Porcelain Pot – Bridge

The Practical Duo

Since these Woven Palm Baskets are given as a traditional wedding gift in Zimbabwe, there is no better fit for this list. Ours are made by an entrepreneurial group of women who meet daily under the shade of a large tree to encourage and help each other with their designs. The story is inspiring, and your couple will love the practical and infinite uses these baskets can serve.

Meridian | Woven Palm Baskets
Woven Palm Baskets

What will you be gifting this wedding season?

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