For Mom and Dad: 11 Gifts Your Parents Will Love

If there is one thing you’re thankful for every year, it’s Mom and Dad. They support you, love you unconditionally and are always happy to watch the kids / furkids / plantkids when you need a getaway. Here are 11 ways to say thank you with a gift they’ll actually use.


Keep It Classic

Meridian | Woven Basket Ornaments

Mom will love the cute size of this handmade basket ornament set from Rwanda. Each one has been woven by a Fair Trade certified women’s cooperative using locally sourced sisal fibers, raffia grass and natural dyes. They look great on the tree and adorable clustered together as a creative table centerpiece. Slip an Amazon gift card in for Dad and everyone is happy.


Spark a Conversation

Meridian | A Bookshelf featuring Woven Palm Baskets, Recycled Glass Bead Strands, and other global finds.

This strand of recycled glass beads (center bottom shelf) is handmade by a Fair Trade cooperative of women artisans in Ghana whose entire process harnesses locally sourced and recycled materials. Mom will love that they are a unique conversation starter to keep casually on the coffee table or draped on a bookshelf.


Stay Warm and Cozy

Meridian | Baby Alpaca Blanket and Huipil Pillow

Mom and Dad both will appreciate the lightweight, just-right warmth that this Baby Alpaca Throw Blanket provides (the one above is in a family favorite shade of Sand). Each one is luxuriously soft and hypoallergenic, too.


Give a Gift, Give Back

Meridian | Huipil Pillow, Bone Inlay Box, and Baby Alpaca Throw Blanket

The Vintage Huipil Pillow collection from Guatemala isn’t just a pretty pop of color for your couch. We’re giving 20% of all proceeds to the Mayan Families nonprofit organization, which works with impoverished Guatemalans to provide sustainable community development programs and emergency aid. These pillows are an instant “feel good” accent for your parents’ sofa, chair or bed.


Make It Practical

Meridian | Bone Inlay Box and Recycled Glass Bead Strand

Dad will like the classic tile pattern on this handmade Bone Inlay Box made by our artisan partners in India. It’s a stunning edition to any stately study or living room. Plus, Mom will love that the remote controls are no longer on display.


Be Supportive

Meridian | Woven Palm Baskets from Zimbabwe

Everyone will appreciate the neutral, natural details of these Woven Palm Baskets. They are handmade by a group of women in Zimbabwe who meet together in the shade of a large tree to encourage and educate each other. How supportive and sweet is that?


Take It With You

Meridian | Indigo Zipper Pouch

Staying organized on the go is a challenge for all Moms, no matter what stage of life they are in. So gift Mom a Vintage Zipper Pouch. It’s the perfect place to keep all of her essentials. Plus, you can pack it in your suitcase and hand deliver it from the best present of all: You!


Dazzle Dad

Meridian | Pushkar Wooden Camel
Puskar Wooden Camel

Dad will never expect this handmade dromedary from India, but when he sees how dignified it looks on his library shelves he will always think of you. You can dazzle him over dinner with the story of how the camel is the icon of the desert and considered to be the lifeline of its people. (Don’t worry, we’ll give you some talking points!)


Encourage a Collection

Meridian | Blue and White Porcelain Vase

Everyone loves blue and white! It’s a classic combo that compliments every style of interior. Mom will love that this vase is the perfect size for a fresh bouquet of flowers and that it’s been handmade by our third generation artisan partners in the porcelain capital of China.


Provide Some Entertainment

Meridian | This Chapati Plate is used as a bar tray.

Do Mom and Dad love a good after dinner drink? This Chapati Plate makes an excellent base for a couple of nice bottles and a stack of glasses… because you never know if the whole family might join in.


Stay in the Fold

Meridian | Block Print Napkins handmade in India

The talk of the holiday season has been our block print napkin sets, handmade by our artisan partners in India. Their family owned business uses a technique that has been passed down through multiple generations, and each napkin has been printed and dyed by hand.

What will you be gifting this year?

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