Best of 2017: Some of Our Favorite #MeridianAtHome Posts

Looking back over our first calendar year, we’re feeling proud! Every item in our collection supports artisans by providing quality jobs, sustainable employment and the opportunity of career growth, access to the larger economy and workflow improvements. In addition to feeling good about the Meridian collection, one of the special aspects of artisan-made work is that it looks beautiful in any style home.

Thanks to so many of you for tagging #MeridianAtHome on Instagram and Facebook! Here are just a few of our favorite posts from 2017.

Meridian | Some of our Favorite #MeridianAtHome Posts

Photos featured (from left to right):

Row 1: Kristina Meltzer | Michelle Solobay | Emily Blanchard | Megan Schlachtenhaufen

Row 2: Megan Schlachtenhaufen | Genevieve Gorder | Erin Francois | Carrie Waller

Row 3: Nicole GerulatEmily Blanchard | Megan Schlachtenhaufen | Michelle Solobay

Row 4: Erin Francois | Megan Schlachtenhaufen | Domestikated BlogEmily Blanchard

Don’t forget to tag #MeridianAtHome when you’re posting on your favorite platforms. We would love to see what you do with your Meridian collection!

The top image was taken by Erin Francois of


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