4 Reasons Why We Love Using Vintage in Our Home Decor

Have you ever heard the expression “thanks, it’s vintage”? It’s a satisfying response when a friend asks where you got something that looks great in your home. It feels good to get a compliment, and even better to acknowledge that it’s something you uniquely own!

Thanks, it’s vintage.

When we’re traveling to meet with our artisan partners, we often find ourselves in local markets, souks and bazaars. It’s hard to resist picking up *just a few* unique and special global finds, many of which are often vintage or bespoke. Often sourced straight from their makers and always from their authentic countries of origin, objects from our travels provide you with something you can’t get anywhere else, plus a little je ne sais quoi allure.

Meridian | Founder Ashley Viola shops in Istanbul's Grand Bazaar.
Meridian Founder Ashley Viola shops in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar.

While working directly with our team of artisan producers is at the core of our mission, there are a few reasons why we love to sneak a few market finds into our collection.


If you want your home to look unique and collected over time, a vintage piece is one of the best ways to ensure you have something no one else will have!

Meridian | 4 Reasons to Choose Vintage Pieces for Your Home Decor
This vintage wood pedestal is a unique way to keep things organized in the kitchen or bathroom.


The environment is on a lot of minds these days. Being able to repurpose and reuse something that may otherwise have gone to waste is an easy way to keep a sustainable lifestyle.

Meridian | 4 Reasons to Choose Vintage Pieces for Your Home Decor
This Vintage Brass Bowl was once used for a specialty lentil dish in India. We’re using these vintage pieces to hold small things, such as items on our desks or in the kitchen.

High Quality

Handmade products are made with the highest quality. Master craftspeople use time-honored traditions to create something built to last a lifetime, and to be passed down as an heirloom from one generation to the next.

Meridian | 4 Reasons to Choose Vintage Pieces for Your Home Decor
Meridian collectors use vintage textiles as one-of-a-kind layers throughout their homes, such as this vintage suzani textile from Uzbekistan that adds a decorative touch on the foot of a bed.

It’s a Personal Expression

Express your personality and values by choosing one-of-a-kind items for your decor! There’s nothing more unique than featuring something that has spoken to your soul.

Meridian | 4 Reasons to Choose Vintage Pieces for Your Home Decor
This Roti Dabaa from India was once a bread plate for the dinner table. We’re using it to distinguish things we want to keep in-reach on the vanity or bathroom countertop.

I know you all love our market finds because they tend to go pretty quickly! Market finds are our version of vintage, one-of-a-kind pieces sourced from my travels. We often have low stock of our market finds because they are just that: Decor I fell in love with and couldn’t leave behind, but I’m not able to reorder or source again easily. When they are gone, they are gone!

Meridian | 4 Reasons Why We Love Vintage for Your Home Decor

Our latest capsule collection features several pieces that are low-stock and bespoke vintage finds. They are an amazing way to * affordably * add something to your home that is 100% unique! No one else will have the same thing as you from our epic Spring Capsule!


What are your favorite pieces from our latest collection?

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