4 Ways to Celebrate Galentine’s Day From Afar

As life goes on and travel still feels like a luxury, we’re looking for ways to celebrate Galentine’s / Valentine’s with our besties who live far away. We love the idea of celebrating love – and not only the love that you share with your partner, but also the love that you share with your closest friends and family. Here are our top ways to celebrate the love that you and your girlfriends or sisters share this Galentine’s day from afar.

Send Them a Heart-Shaped Gift for Galentine’s Day

The theme of Galentine’s day is love, so what better occasion to send a heart-shaped gift? Show your sister or long distance best-friend that distance really does make the heart grow fonder with one of our Moyo Heart Shaped Spoons. Our Moyo spoons are hand-made by our Fair Trade artisan partners in Kenya, and they will serve as a reminder that they are loved every time they are used. We also love to gift our Busu Olive Wood Heart Bowl so that they have a sweet catchall spot to set down their keys or jewelry. There’s nothing like a heart-shaped gift to let your friend or sister know you’re thinking of them and all of the great memories that you share.

heart shaped spoon as galentine's day gift

Celebrate Galentine’s Day Via Zoom with a Wine and Cheese Night

sydney cheese tools with hard cheese and green garnishes next to a linen dish towel

If heart shaped gifts aren’t your style, you could plan a virtual Wine and Cheese Night for Galentine’s day. Send your long distance friend or family member our Cheetah Bottle Stopper, Sydney Cheese Tools Set, and Kivu Serving Board to help them prepare and get excited for your virtual date. Share your charcuterie boards with each other (virtually, of course), watch a nostalgic movie, and take a trip down memory lane.

Treat Your Long Distance Friend to an At-Home Spa Day

ritual candle on driftwood with white background

If you don’t have time for a Zoom wine and cheese night, then send your friend a sweet self care package for Galentine’s day to let them know they’re on your mind. You could send them one of our Ritual Candles. These candles feature the soothing and pleasant notes of frankincense, amber, cedar and musk. They are the perfect accompaniment to long baths and self-care-filled evening routines. Lighting our Ritual Candle is like arriving in a far-off land and slipping into your hotel bathrobe just in time for room service. It is also phthalate-free, using only premium grade essential oils.

ritual candle from meridian NY as a self care gift for Galentine's day

Tug at Their Heartstrings With Nostalgic Photos

A great way to show someone you love that you care is to send them mementos from the past. Share memories with them that you have both cherished and held on to. You could have some nostalgic photos printed and put them in our Brass Inlay Picture Frame, Bone Inlay Picture Frame, or Scallop Inlay Picture Frame. These photos will serve as a reminder of the amazing times you have had together in the past and encourage you both to make more of those memories in the future!

Galentine’s day doesn’t have to be celebrated in person. Make your long distance girlfriends and sisters feel loved and cherished from afar this year with a thoughtful gift from our Galentine’s Day Collection.

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