5 Ways to Promote Healthy Habits Through Home Decor

If you’re hoping to focus on promoting healthier habits this year, one of the easiest ways to ensure success is by altering your home decor to help achieve your goals. Meridian Collectors are travelers by nature. We aspire to live in the moment and enjoy the simplicity and beauty of life. Consequently, it is important that our home decor reflects the lifestyle that we all desire.

Promoting healthy habits through home decor is something we at Meridian are well-versed in. Therefore, to make things a bit easier for you, we have compiled a list of 5 ways that you can refresh your home decor to encourage positive growth and happiness. 

Declutter Your Living Space With Functional Home Decor

When you declutter your living space, you declutter your mind. To encourage a healthy, clear mind this year, keep your living spaces clean and pleasing to look at. Keep surfaces tidy and organized with our Petra Catch-All Dish. After that, frame stray photos lying around on surfaces with our Herringbone Inlay Hinged Picture Frame. Similarly, you could even begin by simply making your bed every morning.

Spend Some Time With Nature

Being outdoors is one of the best ways to promote a positive mindset. Getting enough Vitamin D plays a major role in happiness. So, eat a few meals outside this month – if it isn’t too cold where you are – and in addition to that, try bringing the outdoors into your home. You can do this by choosing organic shapes in your home decor. Similarly, you can embrace nature in your living space by including a few of your favorite plants indoors. Feature some striking branches or green stems in our Mirabel Terracotta Pot or display your favorite flower in our Villa Terracotta or Aurora Narrow Vases.

Live By The Seasons

One of the greatest lessons we learn in life is the importance of living in the moment and letting things go. Therefore, we encourage you to embrace this lesson by enjoying each season this year and warmly welcoming the next. Refresh your home with seasonal pieces and eat seasonal food. Take the coming of each new season as an opportunity to start anew. 

Incorporate Spring into your home decor with our Vintage Clay Pot, Sienna Carafe, Iman Woven Tray, or Nova Serving Bowl

Make Your Home Decor Personal and Cozy

Your home should be a reflection of your essence. Embrace one of a kind, personal touches that remind you who you are or who you strive to be. This can be achieved by embracing a vintage, collected home decor aesthetic full of unique, hand-made pieces. Our Fair-Trade Vetiver Nest Basket handmade in Madagascar or Busu Olive Wood Heart Bowl handmade in Kenya are perfect examples of unique, personal touches that could bring warmth into your space.

vetiver nest bowl for boho home decor as part of meridian ny's terra cotta limited edition spring collection

Embrace Imperfection

Learning how to embrace imperfection is a brilliant way to encourage healthy habits and positive mindset shifts. If you are someone that prefers to have control, start small by embracing imperfection in your home decor. Learn how to find beauty in the character and patina developed over time. Begin with vintage home decor like our Vintage Chapati Board Risers, Vintage Clay Pot II, or Vintage Mystery Samosa Mould Catch-All Dish.

Our new spring collection — TERRA — features home decor items that embrace imperfection and the transitory nature of seasons, and encourage finding the beauty of nature’s simplicity and the aesthetics of life. 

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