7 Ways You Can Help a Small Business Today — Beyond Making a Purchase

Did you know that Meridian is a small business? Running this business is my full-time job, and I am involved with every detail of this growing company. We’re based in New York City where I live with my husband, son and dog, and I do most of my work out of our downtown Manhattan apartment.

Today I am writing to you from a folding table in my living room that has turned into my makeshift desk. Why, you might ask? It is because I am on a New York mandated lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak of 2020. My family is at home with me, and we’re struggling to figure out ways to all get our work done in our small apartment! I’ve given my real desk to my husband, who is working remotely, so I am using this wobbly folding table I normally use for photoshoots. Whatever gets the job done, right?

During challenging times such as these, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and alone. Small businesses are some of the hardest hit around the country, especially since we’re struggling to stay afloat with an uncertain economic future ahead of us.

Many people have asked me “what [they] can do” to help. We’re all in this together, and I love that people want to support one another in times of challenge!

The most important thing you can do is to continue to shop small! Bring your business to family-owned and operated stores, and make an effort to purchase either locally or from an online business where you know it will make a big difference.

I once read that every time someone makes a purchase from a small business, a real person does a happy dance. That couldn’t be more true! Any purchase – no matter the size – has a significant impact on a small business.

When you buy from a small business, an actual person does a happy dance.

That said, I know times are especially difficult right now, and sometimes making a purchase isn’t the easiest thing to do. So, I’ve put together a list of seven quick and easy ways you can help a small business TODAY – without making a purchase!

7 Ways You Can Help a Small Business Without Making a Purchase




Share a Post

Find a recent post on Instagram, Facebook, or another spot and share it. It’s so simple! You can share a post by locating the “share” icon, which often looks like a paper airplane or arrow.


Like a Post

Liking a post helps in two important ways: 1) It shows the small business that you’re enjoying their content, so they will post more of it; and 2) It tells the algorithm that what you like is important, so you’ll see more of those types of posts, or more from that account in your feed.


Comment Something Thoughtful

This one goes a long way. If you have something to say, say it! Encouraging words, an answer to a question, a question you can ask, or a thoughtful response – these are just a few ways you can comment on a post with actual words and not emojis! Small businesses LOVE comments, because it’s an opportunity to get to know our clients on a more personal level. I love connecting with Meridian Collectors both in person and online.


Tag a Friend

Here’s another way you can quickly spread good cheer. Do you know someone who would like a product from your favorite small business? Tag them in the comments section! Simply write their handle with the @ sign and a quick note such as “@Ashley_Meridian – Thought of you when I saw this rug… maybe for your bedroom?”.


Post a Photo and Tag the Brand

If you’ve purchased something from the company in the past, now is the time to snap a photo of it in your home and tag the brand, or use their branded hashtag. At Meridian, we welcome all Meridian Collectors to include us in their posts by tagging us @ShopMeridianNY or using our hashtag #MeridianAtHome. It’s so fun for me to see how you use and style our products, especially since I have chosen every single one. I source all of our products from incredible artisan producers in over 20 countries, and I really love to share customer photos with our partners because they like to see their handiwork placed in homes far away.


Give a Shout Out

Do you love a small business, a small business owner, or have a favorite product from their store? Post a photo in your feed or in Stories with a friendly shout out. You can say something like “I just discovered this amazing home brand that gives back to artisans around the world” or “Look at this gorgeous pillow I snagged on sale from @ShopMeridianNY.” Anything goes in your shout out – you don’t need a reason to say something nice other than you’re a fan!


Leave a Review

Reviews can be gold for a small business. In the brick and mortar world, leaving a review on Yelp.com or Trip Advisor can really have an impact on bringing more customers to their door. Online, you can provide feedback using a rating system on a company’s website, or by sending an email. For a small business online, you can reply to any email you receive and I guarantee a human will receive it and give their response some thought.



And there you go! Do you have a small business you’d like to support during this uncertain time? Now you know: You can email me or leave a comment any time … I will be the one to answer it, and I may just do a happy dance!

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