Fall Home Decor: 5 Easy Tips

Fall is our favorite season for many reasons. Warm drinks, boots and leather jacket weather, that changing, golden light! There is something so cozy and comforting about fall. Fall home decor is no exception. Warm neutral hues and comforting layers instantly set the mood and make your home feel ready for the change of season.

The good news is you can make small and easy updates to your fall home decor to get your space ready for this transitional season. Here are five simple ways you can refresh your home decor for fall.

Add Extra Layers

Just like that extra scarf or sweater, draping a throw blanket on the end of your bed or on a chair or sofa is an easy way to update your fall home decor. You will welcome the extra layer on a cooler night, and it will add a pop of texture and neutral element to your home that makes it feel like the season.

Naz Linen Blanket in a Wicker Basket -- fall home decor
Updating throw blankets for the season, such as our Naz Linen Blanket, is a great way to add cozy layers for when the weather starts to shift.
Nisha Linen Blanket on the foot of a bed -- fall home decor
Our Nisha Linen Blanket provides the perfect, lightweight layer on the foot of a bed or arm of a chair.

Go for Muted Earth Tones

Add warmth to your fall home decor by swapping out plain or brighter colors for muted earth tones that embrace the season. We’re all about neutrals here at Meridian, and we believe you don’t have to choose fall home decor that screams “fall”. Earthy hues from nature such as shades of green, blue, and beige are the perfect solution to make your home feel like the season of pumpkin spice lattes and apple picking — without explicitly saying so. Leaning into these muted earth tones through layers such as throw pillows, blankets, decor items and rugs will create that fall feeling in a minimalist and natural way.

Aanya Block Print Pillow, Kit Block Print Pillow, Amelia Linen Pillow and Vintage Lao Indigo Pillow VIII on bed -- fall home decor
Our Aanya Block Print Pillow, Kit Block Print Pillow, Amelia Linen Pillow and Vintage Lao Indigo Pillow VIII will add gorgeous, earthy hues to your bedroom.

Choose Handmade and Natural Textures

Handmade decor in natural textures will add depth and character to your space. The beauty of handmade items is that no two are ever exactly the same, which adds a unique and collected-over-time feeling to your fall home decor. By sticking with decor made from natural materials, you’ll bring the outside in, embracing nature in a beautiful and understated way.

When layering handmade decor in your home, think about mixing textures for a collected look. Pair an amazing vintage jar with gorgeous faux flowers or branches, for example. Doing so will add a layer of interest and showcase your beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece.

Vintage Mijiu Jar VIII with flowers - fall home decor
Our Vintage Mijiu Jar VIII has a gorgeous natural patina that will bring warmth into your fall living space.

You can also use a layering piece like a vintage pedestal or vintage elm stool as a riser to elevate something important that you want to feature, such as a prized photo in a beautiful frame, your favorite fall candle or a vase full of flowers or branches. These layering pieces have a natural patina that will make your fall living space feel warm and well-lived in.

framed photo in the Herringbone Inlay Picture Frame - fall home decor
Use a vintage pedestal, such as our Vintage Chapati Board Risers, to elevate and draw attention to something important to you, like your favorite fall candle.
eucalyptus coming out of the white carafe - featuring a Vintage Chapati Board Riser - fall home decor
A vintage layering piece like a Vintage Chapati Board Riser has a natural patina that will make your fall living space feel warm and well-lived in.

Embrace Fall Routines and Make Them a Daily Habit

Once the pandemic hit and we all started working from home, it became clear that it would be difficult to separate work from home life. To combat this, we decided to signal the end of the work day by lighting a candle. This candle lighting ritual helped designate the beginning of our family time together. It also and set the mood for a relaxing and calm evening.

As the days start to get busier with back to school routines and (maybe?) some people returning to the office, having an end of day ritual like a long walk or warm bath can also make for a soothing fall mood. Soaking in the tub to unwind after a long day with fragrant touches such as lighting palo santo or sage can also create a spa-like atmosphere of calm and relaxation.

Aurora Candle Holder on the Vintage Elm Stool - fall home decor
Lighting a candle can help designate an important time of day, such as the end of the work day and the beginning of family dinner time together.
flat lay of the ritual collection featuring Palo Santo, Sage Bundle, and Sejnane Clay Beads
Natural fragrances such as palo santo or sage can create a spa-like atmosphere of calm and relaxation in your fall home decor.

Every Room Needs a Little Vintage

Incorporate a piece or two of vintage home decor to convey a layered, collected-over-time feeling for your home. Vintage items will instantly make your home feel warm, cozy, and well-lived in. Swap your throw pillows for ones made of vintage textiles. Or add a ground layer statement with a gorgeous and unique vintage Persian rug. Furthermore, you can feature a vintage pot or wooden pedestal / riser to bring in that time-worn texture to warm up your space. Consequently, you’ll create a focal point that will certainly be a conversation piece for your house guests or zoom background!

stack of Persian rugs
Vintage Persian Rugs (from our Ritual Collection) create the perfect base layer for your fall home decor.
The Ritual Collection Pillows on a well made bed
Layering pillows in warm, muted tones will create a collected-over-time feeling for your fall home.

Making easy changes to your home decor for fall can make a big difference in your mood and routine. Shop from around your home to try items in different rooms, or consider supporting a small business like Meridian to add a few new items to your home collection. 

If you’d like more neutral home decor ideas, check out our post The Designer Secret to Styling Gorgeous Shelves.

Enjoy our brand-new fall collection of home decor – RITUAL – handmade by artisans in over 30 countries, featuring easy to style pieces in neutral colors and natural textures. 

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