Four Scenarios for Your Vintage African Indigo Zipper Pouch

We all lead busy lives, and keeping everything organized while we’re on the run is no easy task. We are constantly digging through our bags searching for That Thing we need to keep going – a quick touchup of lip gloss, that darn work ID, or even our phones (as if it’s not permanently attached to our hands at all times!).

Our Meridian Vintage Indigo Zipper Pouch is made from remnants of vintage West African indigo, a textile handmade by artisans in Burkina Faso. Indigo has long been one of the world’s most valued pigments, and we’re pleased to be able to use scraps from our pillow collection that would otherwise go to waste to create this treasured travel accessory.

The zipper pouch fits most full-size purses and carry-ons to keep you organized as you gallivant to the car pool line, the office, or Geneva.  Here are four scenarios to get you inspired.

The Jet Setter


Meridian | Vintage Indigo Zipper Pouch - The Jet Setter

Jet Setters, rejoice: No more fishing around in your carry-on tote for your passport and boarding pass! As you float through that TSA Pre-Check line you’ll be organized and stylish at the same time.


The Travel Companion


Meridian | Vintage Indigo Zipper Pouch - The Travel Companion

We’ve all been there: You’re patiently waiting for your plane/train/Uber to arrive but your faithful travel companion is getting antsy. Instead of having to dig around for that giant activity book, have a few surprises tucked away in this easily accessible pouch.


The Non-Stop Creative


Meridian | Vintage Indigo Zipper Pouch - The Non-Stop Creative

If you’re anything like us, inspiration can strike at any moment — especially when we’re not in the office, at our desk, computer at our finger tips. That’s why we always bring our supplies with us. We may be standing in line at the grocery store, but we can record that creative spark whenever (or where ever) it comes.


The Commute Commander


Meridian | Vintage Indigo Zipper Pouch - The Commute Commander

Sometimes it takes a lot just to get out the door in the morning. Did you remember your keys? Your train pass? Keep it all together for a quick grab and go. You’ll gracefully exit with enough extra time to stop for a latte on the way to the office!


How will you use your Meridian Vintage Indigo Zipper pouch? Comment below to share!


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