From Rwanda With Love: Meet Our New Artisan Partners

In 2021, we partnered with a new-to-us organization to offer new Fair Trade items to the Meridian collection. This incredibly talented group of artisans hand-carves the gorgeous Kivu Spoons and Serving Boards from the local Musavee tree, which is a sustainable resource. Our partners in Rwanda are a Fair Trade organization that provide fair income and economic opportunity to over 500 artisans working in rural areas.

Our artisan partners in Rwanda are committed to community development and they invest in a range of community impact projects. These projects include adult literacy classes, healthcare, financial independence, nutrition and more. By being paid fair wages, the artisans are able to afford medical insurance, school materials, as well as soap and other hygiene products. They also use the funds to purchase and care for farming materials and livestock that ultimately improve economic resources, increase their crop yield, and enhance soil quality.

Rwandan artisans that create fair trade Kivu hand carved spoons and serving boards
The kivu wooden spoons that our Rwandan artisans hand carve, this is the slotted serving spoon

Like Meridian, our partner is dedicated to telling the stories of Rwandan artisans and champion their work in traditional crafts. We are thrilled to support their high quality craftsmanship and celebrate these incredible items in our collection.

Kivu hand carved serving spoon set on a striped linen handtowel

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