Get the Look: Meridian Studio Style

Since we moved into our new studio space, we’ve gotten a lot of questions about a few key pieces that furnish our office. If you love the look as much as we do, here’s how you can get the look of the Meridian studio in your own home. We’re breaking down one of the most popular styling spaces we have in our office and diving deeper into how we style it. This post contains affiliate links. 

A Classic Styling Piece

The antique pine cabinet was one of the first pieces we sourced for our studio space. We love the classic, timeless look of the knotted pine. The cabinet’s joinery is heirloom quality with so much character. This heavy, solid piece of furniture is something that has been and will continue to be passed down from generation to generation. We use this piece to style items often found in the kitchen or dining space, as it functions a bit like a buffet. If you love the look of this one-of-a-kind, vintage pine cabinet, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite pieces that are similar. 

1890’s Pine Jelly Cabinet

Jelly Pine Table

If you’re looking for a cabinet very similar to the one we use in our studio, this 1890s Pine Jelly Cabinet is a near-perfect match. Dating from 19th century Europe, its small size means it will fit perfectly into virtually any space. 

19th Century Antique Rustic Country Pine Cabinet

This antique pine cabinet is slightly more rustic and extremely sturdy, making it a perfect piece to pass along to your children when the time comes. 

Antique English Pine Cabinet

Need something with a bit more storage space? This antique English pine cabinet also includes a china cabinet. We love the versatility of this beautiful vintage piece, and with the additional display space comes so many more decor options. Read on to find out how to style it.

Antique Pine Chest of Drawers

chest of drawers

This lovely chest of drawers made of stunning pine wood is the ideal cabinet alternative for those needing more drawer-space. Double the usage of this chest of drawers by using the surface as a styled display and then store additional decor in the drawers when not in use. 

How to Get the Look of the Meridian Studio 

Once you’ve found the perfect pine cabinet, then comes the fun part: Styling! Here are some of our favorite tricks for styling a surface like an antique pine cabinet.

The Focal Point

We like to anchor the cabinet with a painting or mirror, preferably a hand-painted oil painting or vintage piece, in a neutral, traditional frame. This gives the display a focal point.  Here are some of our favorite printed art pieces with which you can achieve the same look. Bonus: Our friends at Schooner Bay Co have generously offered a discount to Meridian Collectors! Use code MERIDIAN15 on their Etsy site to receive 15% off your order at Schooner Bay Co!    

Baltimore Clipper Architect Framed Oil Painting Print 

On the Banks of the River Framed Oil Painting Print

The Main Elements

Next, we choose two main elements which will divide the cabinet and draw the eye. These elements will help create balance in our composition–one on the right and one on the left. Some elements we’ve used in styling include our Vintage Mijiu Jars, Vintage Bean Pots, or Mirabel Terracotta Pot. Fill it with your favorite stems (real or faux), and change them to fit your mood or the season. Using a pot like these filled with natural elements provide height and interest to the surface of your antique pine cabinet. Create a sense of balance by placing our focal point – the frame – on one side of the cabinet along with a decorative object with height on the opposing side. 

The Accents

We use texture to tie the whole look together. From stacks of coffee table books, to strands of Sejnane Clay Beads, Decorative Bowls, and even folded linens like our Harlow Linen Table Runner. This gives a lived-in, yet curated feel that we all know and love. Be sure to keep the surface tidy, and limit your surface accents so it doesn’t feel cluttered. Remember, less is more in this instance. 

sejnane clay beads

Styling your cabinet or other storage surface is the perfect way to create a cozy, thoughtful feel to your home while featuring some of your own personal favorites. If you’re looking for more home styling tips, click here to read more. 

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