How to Incorporate a Self Care Routine into Your Fall Decor

Fall is not only the perfect opportunity for you to refresh your home decor to match the season, it is also the perfect opportunity for you to incorporate a self care routine into your updated fall decor. Fall is a season of rest and relaxation. The leaves are changing, the weather is getting cooler, and people are settling into their everyday routines after the busyness of summer travel and vacations. 

We love to take advantage of this time of year to decompress and set up new self care routines. It can feel overwhelming after a long, relaxing summer to jump right back into the hustle of fall routines. You may be going back to school, returning to working in an office, or sitting in endless traffic jams and fighting crowds at packed stores. By focusing on self care as an extension of your home decor and life, you will make soothing daily habits in the spaces where you spend most of your time — at home.

Add a Little Luxe to Your Fall Self Care Routine

Add a little luxe to your fall self care routine

What better way to invest in your self care than to treat yourself to something luxurious at the start of the new season. As the temperatures outside grow chilly and crisp, there is nothing quite like a soothing warm bath or shower at the beginning of the day or in the evening. Our Sakara Organic Towels are classic, absorbent, soft, and chemical free — elevating your daily shower routine into a luxurious, spa-like experience.

Sakara Handwoven towels from Meridian NY

Keep Your Counter Clutter Free

Keep your counter clutter free with these bamboo storage containers for your self care routine

Feeling organized at home can be like a weight lifted off of your shoulders. No one wants to walk into a cluttered room. Clutter can be a silent contributor to unnecessary stress. Lighten your mental load and update your fall self care routine by adding delicate storage containers to your countertops to store small odds and ends. We love  these bamboo storage containers on bathroom shelves or countertops. The natural texture lends an organic, spa-like feel to any bathroom. Starting off or ending your day feeling organized will contribute to your overall mood of relaxation and self care. 

Keep the Necessities Out of Sight

Self care routine, keep necessities out of sight

Often our necessities are less appealing to the eye because they were designed to be used rather than looked at. This clutter, however, can add to stress.

To fix the problem of visual clutter and improve your self care routine this fall, consider investing in ways to organize your daily necessities. Creating a purposeful organizational system for your frequently accessed necessities will give your decor a sense of purpose. We love the accessories in our Jasmine Bath Collection to hold objects we use every day. Using a system like this will instantly make your bathroom or kitchen countertop decluttered and purposeful. It will also keep your favorite items within reach. 

Jasmine bath collection from Meridian NY for your self care routine

Additionally, bedside tables, entry tables and other high-traffic, frequent-use surfaces are also magnets for clutter. To combat the clutter and focus on your self care, find catch-all items such as our Ruby Antiqued Bronze Bowl, Caspari Marble Bowl, Mila Marble Bowl, or a Rhumi Rattan Basket. Using catch-all bowls and baskets will give purpose to the items you need to access without the clutter.

Add a Soothing, Natural Scent

Add to your self care routine with a sensory experience using palo Santo and sage bundles

Scientists have proven that scents can be traced to specific memories. We associate specific fragrances with people or memories from our lives. That’s why we love to light a candle after a long work day. As an act of self care, train your brain to feel rested and relaxed with soothing, natural scents. Similarly, we love branches of eucalyptus in bathrooms and bedrooms. We associate them with soothing memories of spa visits and vacations. Using natural fragrances such as ethically sourced Palo Santo, Sage Bundles or Ha Ko Paper Incense can help establish a self care routine that is rewarding. They add an organic and unique element when not-lit as a natural potpourri that compliments your fall home decor. Choosing a sensory element for your self care routine will keep you feeling calm and collected.

Focus on your self care and turn your bathroom into a spa with items from the Meridian Bath Collection. Our new fall collection — RITUAL — features home decor items that embrace the moodiness of the season, our daily routines, and the comforts of home.

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