How to Put Together a Globally Inspired Picnic

What better way to celebrate the beginning of summer than with a globally inspired picnic? The weather is beautiful, flowers are blooming, the grass is lush, and we could all use a little extra Vitamin D. A traditional picnic is casual–bring a sandwich, a towel, and a bottle of water to the park to soak up the sun while nourishing your body. However, Meridian Collectors love elevating traditional experiences, like picnics, and giving them a luxurious edge. So, to help you style an elegant, globally inspired picnic, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite picnic must-haves. 

The Picnic Blanket

You can’t have a picnic without a picnic blanket, can you? To elevate your picnic and give it a global edge, we recommend opting for our Rani Kantha Stitch Throw over your sandy beach towel. The Rani Throw is incredibly soft and has been handwoven by artisans in India. With this picnic blanket, you’ll feel like you’re dining on a cloud. 

Rani kantha stitch throw from Meridian as a globally inspired picnic blanket

The Drinkware

To elevate your globally inspired picnic further, we recommend skipping the red solo cups or water bottles and bringing along something a bit more sturdy. Meridian collectors love using our Mai Stoneware Carafe set at their picnics. The Mai Stoneware Carafe Set is handmade in Vietnam. Perfect for any outdoor meal. 

If you’re bringing bottled seltzer or beer with you to enjoy on your globally inspired picnic, don’t forget a bottle opener. We love the Perla Bottle Opener–it features a mother of pearl handle hand carved by artisans in India. Another perfect addition to an elevated picnic.

For Serving

If you’re planning an intricate meal for your globally inspired picnic that will include several small courses, it’s important to bring elevated dishes for serving. For salads–the perfect picnic starter–we recommend the Sienna Serving Bowl and Striped Salad Servers. These sturdy dishes will fare well stowed away in a picnic basket.

The Accessories

Now that you have your global picnic basics chosen, it’s time to consider the accessories and other accoutrements that you would like to include to elevate your picnic further. We believe that you can truly never go wrong with a cheese board–the epitome of snack foods. 

To style the perfect cheese tray for your globally inspired picnic, we recommend using the Diana Marble Tray as a classic, neutral base for your food. This white marble tray will allow your meat, cheese, fruits, and nuts to act as the star of the show. Pair your Diana Marble Tray with our Ruby Antique Bronze Bowl–perfect for holding nuts and also handcrafted in India–to elevate your serving experience further. 

Additionally, The Liem Stoneware Berry Colander will elevate your presentation. Be sure to include it on your charcuterie board as a final touch. 

ruby bronzed antique bowl perfect for a globally inspired picnic
ceramic berry colander

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