How to Style Glass Beads

Recycled Glass Bead strands seem to find their way into every photo shoot we produce. They are our favorite styling accessory – and for good reason! These versatile decorative pieces are an all-natural, environmentally friendly accent that takes little-to-no-effort to look gooooood.

We often get messages asking how to use these bead strands. The good news is there is little you can do wrong here. These beads look perfect draped on a stack of books, falling out of a bowl, or hanging from a knob or handle. Just embrace their inherent gravitas and let them go where they want to go. Here are just a few ways we like to use our Recycled Glass Bead Strands.

Coffee Table Hang Out

Meridian | How to Style Glass Beads

This translucent coffee table is the perfect place for a little color pop. A single strand of beads in the Watermelon hue (our founder’s favorite!) adds visual interest near a potted succulent.

Shelfie Style

Meridian | How to Style Glass Beads

Confession: This shelf is in our studio and we style it differently All. The. Time. The strand of Tortoise Shell beads casually sits on a book we found on Ebay: “I Married Adventure.”

Bar Cart Peek-a-Boo

Meridian | How to Style Glass Beads

The Recycled Glass Bead Strand in Watermelon make a reappearance, this time in one of our all-time favorite bar cart shoots. Doesn’t the color look pretty next to the Vintage Benin Leopard, our Woven Coasters from Rwanda and an already opened bottle of tequila?

The Signature Swirl

Meridian | How to Style Glass Beads

Another trick we’ve found interior designers love is to take multiple strands of the same color (pictured here is our Recycled Glass Bead Strand in Dusty Blue) and swirl them around like foam on a perfect cappuccino.

Bowl Them Over

Meridian | How to Style Glass Beads

You know what they say: Beads will be beads. Just let them do their thang, and they will rock it. This strand in classy Black peeks out of a Marble Bowl for an instant conversation starter on your side table.

Hang in There

Meridian | How to Style Glass Beads

Let gravity take this one. It’s never been so easy to look so chic. Hang a strand of Watermelon beads and make an irreverent statement (and Insta moment) for your knobs and handles.

Mark Your Books in Style

Meridian | How to Style Glass Beads

This blue bead strand marks our favorite page. The heftiness of the recycled glass keeps pages weighted down and open to show off inspo moments or ideas we want to share.

How do you use your bead strands? Comment below or send us a photo!

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