4 Ways You Can Make Sustainable Home Decor Choices

When choosing home decor it is important to consider who you are purchasing from and how you may be impacting the environment. It is equally as important to consider the quality of the items you are bringing into your home. Will it stand the test of time and could you pass it down to your next generation? Or is it something that could end up in a landfill? Making sustainable home decor decisions is important to us. Here are some tips on how you can make more sustainable choices with your home decor. 

Let’s care for the earth together, one sustainable home decor choice at a time. 

Support Small Businesses 

Supporting small businesses and shopping locally can help the environment in more ways than one. Not only do small businesses have a smaller carbon footprint than bigger corporations, but they also are known to have high standards and are quicker to make changes with big impact. Therefore, by shopping locally, you are not only helping the environment by making more sustainable home decor decisions, but also supporting your local economy. 

When shopping small isn’t an option where you live, look to online small businesses like Meridian, where your purchases can have a much larger impact than shopping at a big box store.

Seek Out Fair Trade and Ethically Crafted Goods

vintage bean pots and other sustainable home decor

Another way to make more sustainable home decor choices is by seeking out Fair Trade and ethically crafted goods. Fair trade products are held to a higher ethical standard. In order for your products to be considered fair trade, you must meet many strict ethical requirements. Some of these requirements include worker’s rights, safer working conditions, and better pay for workers. Learn more about fair trade here.

Some of our favorite Fair Trade home decor items include the Petra Catch-All Dish, Nova Serving Bowl, and Asili Sisal Floor Basket.

Incorporate Sustainable Vintage Finds

vintage bean pots as sustainable home decor group shot

One of our favorite ways to shop sustainable home decor is to incorporate vintage finds into our collection. By shopping secondhand or purchasing antiques, you are breathing life back into an object that might otherwise have gone to waste.

For example, our Vintage Turkish Olive Jar is a gorgeous vintage pot that has character and a story to tell. Our Vintage Bean Pots were handcrafted in China. They display a gorgeous, natural patina that can’t be found on the shelves of your local department store. Lastly, our Vintage Chapati Trays have been hand carved out of wood by a skilled artisan in India. These vintage items are not only better for the environment, but also provide you with a piece that tells its own unique story. 

Find Sustainable Home Decor By Shopping For Sustainable or Recycled Materials

sienna glassware and other home decor made from recycled material

Another great way to make sustainable home decor decisions is by seeking out pieces that are crafted with sustainable materials. This practice is beneficial to the environment because instead of purchasing new items and increasing their demand, you’re repurposing materials and supporting cleaner production practices.

If you need help finding a place to shop, all of the products in our Sustainable Decor Collection are ethically made out of sustainable and recycled materials. 

If you’d like to shop fair trade, neutral home decor, click here to view our newest collection–TERRA

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