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We are thrilled to share with you our Fall featured collector, Lucy! Her instagram @shoplucysinspired is a constant source of inspiration for all things colorful, fun, and handmade. Her jewelry not only makes a statement, but also tells a story. We hope you’ll enjoy reading more about her life in Birmingham, Alabama, her jewelry business, and her favorite pieces from the Meridian Collection!

Q: What’s life like in Birmingham and what are some of your personal interests?

A: I live with my husband Connor. Both of our kids have flown the coop. Our son John Connor is 19 and going to school in Tuscaloosa. Our daughter Emma is 21 and lives on her own. She is currently working on her pilates and yoga certifications while also working full-time at a studio.

As for my personal interests, I am eternally curious. I love to find adventure in new places, but also in places that feel like home. I want to encourage other women around the world to use their artistic and creative gifts while also supporting them in a way that honors what they do. As a beauty chaser, I love to find ways to bring the broken or forgotten back to life.

Another interest of mine is traveling!

Q: What are some of your favorite places and how does your love for travel factor in to your design style?

A: Travel is my love language. I love the Bahamas for their crystal clear water. I’m always inspired by the wildlife that I encounter while there. The sea life is something that I love to see time and time again. I also love Provence. We’ve travelled to France several times and the slower pace of the countryside keeps me coming back. It’s such a beautiful place; I truly believe I could live there.

Surprisingly, Guatemala stole my heart as well a few years ago! I went to work with some co-ops there to develop a few products. I would love to continue that endeavor to show my clients the beauty of the weaving in Guatemala while also telling the stories and recounting the history of Guatemalan families.

While traveling, I am often inspired by the textiles and textures I see from country to country. I always come home feeling refreshed with a renewed inspiration that influences my work.

Lucy Farmer's home featuring her "Gathered" design style and many different textures.

Q: What is your design style? Does it have a name?

Travel is my love language.

I like to call my design style, “Gathered.” I have a mix of vintage and modern pieces. My favorites are usually things I have found in my travels and brought back with me! For example, I found a glass sculpture in France circa 2007 and carried it with me in my lap on the plane ride home. It is still one of my favorite pieces and I will never regret the trouble that it cause on our flights! I want the items in my home to have a story so that I can help keep that story alive.

Q: What are some of your favorite items from the Meridian Collection?

My list is so long! I was so excited when I “met” Meridian Founder Ashley and realized that she was producing items from around that world that support and sustain global artisans. My most recent purchases from Meridian include the Sejnane Clay Bead Strand and the Nisha Linen Throw. I am using those at our house on the coast because of the natural and light feeling of them. The clay beads are large and sturdy, and they add natural colors that keep the house light and airy. They’re the perfect statement piece for a coffee table!

I’m drawn to anything that you can tell is handmade. The wood pieces and the carvings that are made by hand give me a sense of home. I can only imagine the time, energy, and pride that go into make some of the wooden and hand-carved items in the Meridian Collection!

I was also able to find the perfect rug for my daughter’s house from Meridian! We are working on buying her heirloom pieces that she can keep for a long time and move from house to house with as she curates her own style. It’s so much fun to watch and guide.

Q: Lastly, can you tell us a bit about your professional experience and your business, Lucy’s Inspired?

I’m a jewelry and interior designer with a degree in fashion merchandising and a passion for creating spaces! I grew up in the retail world and when I “retired” from corporate, I knew I could play in different mediums. Creating seems to be my best foot forward!

In 2014 I went on HGTV’s “Beach Flip” with a friend and after filming for 7 weeks, it was time to go home. We had an amazing time and I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. However, I learned a lot about the differences in designing houses for reality TV versus designing houses for real life. I have stuck to designing houses for real life since then.

Lucy Farmers eclectic living room with beachy influences and several restored pieces

My husband and I have have lived in our current home for almost 7 years and we are both antsy for a new project home! However, we are currently waiting on the perfect piece of property. I hope it comes sooner rather than later. I’m itching to get started.

You can find me and my work at and on Instagram @ShopLucyInspired!

Lucy Inspired studio, where Lucy Farmer makes her jewelry
Another photo of Lucy Farmer's studio, where she makes jewlery

Shop Lucy’s Favorites From Meridian

Vintage Mijiu Jars

Vintage Mijiu Jars from Meridian Collection

Kariba Basket

Kariba Basket from Meridian Collection

Salma Nesting Basket Set

Salma Nesting Basket Set from Meridian Collection

Sejnane Clay Bead Strand

Sejnane Clay Bead Strand from Meridian Collection

Nisha Linen Throw

Nisha Linen Throw from Meridian Collection


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