Our Favorite Neutral Coffee Table Books

It’s no secret that we love to decorate with books. If you’ve seen our Instagram feed, you know that books are some of our favorites pieces of decor. The secret to Meridian Collectors’ collected-over-time look is to find neutral coffee table books that compliment (and don’t compete) with your neutral home decor. By focusing on high quality neutral coffee table books you will add an additional layer of dimension and interest to your space.

As a book lover, it can be difficult sometimes to hunt down the best books when you’re using them as decorative. So we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite neutral coffee table books that are not only beautiful and complimentary to your neutral home decor, but also interesting to read. Take a look at some of our favorites below. This post contains affiliate links.

AD at 100: A Century of Style


Architectural Digest’s brand is the epitome of elegant, timeless, home decor. Their neutral coffee table book, AD at 100 A Century of Style, fits perfectly with any neutral home decor and is generously sized as the perfect base layer to a larger stack. With a cream binding and white text, it compliments any furniture or design style.

Pacific Natural At Home

The neutral coffee table book, Pacific Natural at Home, has a goes-with-everything white spine on the jacket. If you’re looking for a cooler tone, the book cover’s sleek gray paper is also the perfect neutral. We love that this neutral coffee table book has beautiful inspirational photos that are the epitome of that cool California style.

Feels Like Home

Feels Like Home embodies that collected, natural design style and it’s pages are swimming with swoon-worthy neutral home inspiration. It also has a casual white cover and spine with no jacket, making it the perfect neutral coffee table book that can live just about anywhere.

Jasper Johns Gray

Jasper Johns was a monochromatic artist born in the early 1900s. His art is calming, elegant, and highly acclaimed. Because he chose to work in mostly neutral colors, this book documenting his major works could be the perfect neutral coffee table book for your living space. We especially love that the book is covered in a cool, gray linen.

This is Home

This gorgeous coffee table book would compliment any room with its cream cover and classic serif font. If you’re looking for a neutral coffee table book full of aspirational life information on things like how to choose your design style or how to work out a budget for home decor, add This is Home: The Art of Simple Living is for you.

Eat Drink Nap

Eat Drink Nap is the perfect option if you’re looking for a large format book in a neutral linen hue. If you’re at all curious about what goes on behind the closed doors of the private club Soho House, this book will be sure to satiate your curiosity. Plus, it’s the perfect subject matter and neutral color to fill your open shelves in your kitchen or dining space.

Sunday Suppers

Sunday Suppers features mouth watering recipes for small gatherings or family meals. This neutral coffee table book has a beautiful beige linen cover that would be a great addition to your dining room or kitchen shelves, especially since it’s central focus is being the importance of eating and spending time with loved ones. 

The Interior Design Handbook

The Interior Design Handbook has a beautiful, minimalistic gray cover that would fit in effortlessly with any neutral living space. If you’re looking for a quick, affordable solution, this book will do you justice.  

Down to Earth

Featuring some of the more contemporary design styles in our book collection, we love the emphasis on natural materials in Lauren Liess’s Down to Earth. The earthy, warm tones on the cover blend beautifully with the book’s cool gray and modern spine. This is one of those books that we love to see sitting face up on a coffee table, ready to glance through.


If you value natural light and minimalism, then this neutral coffee table book is a favorite. The authors of Abode: Thoughtful Living With Less, Serena Mitnik-Miller and Mason St. Peter, are proponents of curating a space that is both simple and true to you. We love this book as a styling tool because of its minimalist and neutral coloring.


Neutral coffee table books are an easy way to spruce up your neutral home decor and add finishing touches to your curated space. If you’re looking for more neutral home decor tips, click here to read more.

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