4 Tips on How to Incorporate House Plants into Your Home Decor

House plants and flowers are a timeless way to bring nature indoors. Not only do house plants bring a sense of serenity to your space, but they also provide health benefits by purifying the air in your home and decreasing stress levels. Here are our top tips for incorporating house plants and floral arrangements into your home decor. 

Choose House Plants Based on Your Space

House plants that match your space, artificial olive tree against a decorated Meridian shelf

To successfully decorate with plants, you will want to be sure you choose a spot in your home that will allow them to thrive. Before you head to your local nursery and grab every plant that looks appealing to you, start with a walkthrough of your home to make a note of the lighting. Do you have more eastern facing windows or southern facing windows? Does your space get full sun at all throughout the day or do you get filtered light because there are trees outside of every window? 

Once you have determined how much sunlight your house plants will be getting, you can decide which house plants will work best in your space. If you don’t get a lot of sunlight, you may opt for full shade plants or lower maintenance plants, like the snake plant. If you get a ton of unfiltered sunlight, you may opt for a cactus or succulent of some sort. Just make sure your space is equipped with enough sunlight to keep your house plants alive. 

Choose Floral Arrangements Based on the Season

Seasonal florals, pink blooms in a white vase next to the European Brass Spice Mills from Meridian
Photo by Meridian Collector @its.hannahrose featuring our Brass Spice Mills.

When choosing floral arrangements for your home you will want to do so based on what is currently in season. Choosing in season stems for your floral arrangements will ensure that they have a longer lifespan. We love to find fresh blooms at the grocery store or the corner deli, as these are often what is the most accessible. Some of our favorite seasonal cut flowers include lilacs and peonies in the spring, dahlias and ranunculus in the summer, chrysanthemums and gerbera daisies in the fall, and camellias and flowering branches in the winter.

Although some particular flowers are around for only a short period of time throughout the year, we have some favorites that are usually available year-round too, depending on where you live, such as baby’s breath, lilies, and the eternally-classic rose. 

Choose the Right Vessels for Your House Plants

Gorgeous floral stems in Meridian NY Mirabel terracotta vase, also great for your house plants

Choosing vessels for your house plants is the perfect opportunity for you to tie them into your space and personal style. By choosing planters or vases that match your desired aesthetic, your new leafy decor will tie in with the rest of your furniture seamlessly. Some of our favorite planters for house plants include our Lodhi Stoneware Planter, Mirabel Terracotta Pot, and Basin Terracotta Pot

Choosing vases for floral arrangements is just as important. For floral arrangements, we recommend our Claire Glass Bottle Vases, Aurora Narrow Vase, or Sira Glazed Carafe

Tips for Placement

House plant stool for keeping your house plants on display, vintage woodem pedestal or side table topped with a catch all bowl and house plant
Photo by Meridian Collector @wycdesigns_.

Now that you have chosen and potted your plants or picked out a pretty bouquet, it’s time to begin decorating with them. So, where should you put them? We recommend adding plants to spaces in your home that could use additional texture or contrast. Plants are the perfect solution for filling an empty space on a table or shelf, or any nook or corner that is hard-to-decorate. Conversely, floral arrangements are a beautiful solution for smaller empty spaces that need to be balanced, such as a coffee table, dining room table, kitchen countertop, and on a shelf or built-in. 

We love to elevate a plant or flowers in a gorgeous vessel or vase by using a riser or pedestal, which helps draw attention to it and feel like the whole vignette is intentional and put-together.  Meridian Collectors love to use our Natural Bamileke Stool, Vintage Mini Elm Stools, and Vintage Biscuit Mould to elevate their favorite plants or flowers.

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