WanderList: Our Top 5 Summer Travel Picks

Have you ever gotten sucked into the vortex of Pinterest where you pin and pin pictures of wanderlusty locales until your wrist hurts? After spending 100s (1000s?) of hours collecting images on our Wander Board, we’ve narrowed down the list of our top five picks for your next destination. So go find that passport and pull out your suitcase! Let’s get on board:

Cheese Market in Alkmaar, Netherlands

Every Friday the center of Alkmaar, a town north of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, becomes a bustling cheese market. Thousands of people visit each week to view the spectacle of weighing and inspecting cheese. The town boasts something for everyone: medieval architecture, a beer museum, and a tribute to the Beatles (John Lennon’s first guitar was made in Alkmaar). Sounds gouda to us!

Meridian Wanderlist: Alkmaar cheese festival

East African Safari

A safari in East Africa, most notably in Kenya and Tanzania, is an unforgettable trip. Hop onto an open top jeep and you’ll see thousands of wildebeest as they migrate (along with lions, zebra, giraffe and hippos) from the dry plains of the Serengeti to the lush pasture of the Masai Mara. After countless nature channel worthy sights during the day, you’ll cap off each evening with a sundowner before heading back to your luxury tented camp for a gourmet meal.

Meridian Wanderlist: African safari


Many couples who honeymoon on safari continue on to the Seychelles. The archipelago, or chain of islands, is a country in the Indian Ocean off the main coast of East Africa. Known for clear water, private islands, nature reserves, and swimming with whale sharks, the Seychelles are sure to cap off a trip of a lifetime.

Meridian Wanderlist: Seychelles

Amalfi Coast

A trip to Italy is not complete without a visit to the stunning Mediterranean landscape that is the Amalfi Coast. Nestled south of Naples, the coastline is perfect for road trips, boat rides, indulging on spaghetti and epic sunsets. Follow in the footsteps of Jackie O., Greta Garbo and the region’s other famous visitors, and you feel like a million Euros!

Meridian Wanderlist: Amalfi Coast


On the shores of the Caribbean ocean, this Colombian colonial town is known for pastel toned walls, salsa music oozing out of open windows and mojitos on the beach. If that’s not enough, travel just 30 miles northeast of the city where you can plummet in a volcano’s crater and sink into its warm mud! On this trip, you’ll be sure to fill your Insta with enough #WanderlustWednesday posts for a while.

Meridian Wanderlist: Cartagena

Where do you want to go this summer? Share your travel plans below!


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