What to Gift Your Work Wife or Husband

We all have one: Your work friend who’s always up for a direct message, or for that daily coffee run. But what do you get for your co-working bestie, whom you spend every single day with? He or she deserves to add a little pop of artisan craftsmanship to their desk.


Deskside Organization

Meridian | Oaxacan Palm Basket

This petite basket is perfectly sized for deskside organization. It’s just tall enough to hide unsightly cables and cords, or extra pens and supplies. If you’re feeling creative, fill the Oaxaca Palm Basket with special goodies meant for the snack drawer, such as chocolate covered coffee beans or fancy tea packets for the afternoon fade.


Executive Office Dreams

Meridian | Ultimate Host Gift Set

The Ultimate Host Set may be intended as a hostess gift, but it also works for co-workers and colleagues who have executive corner office dreams but open floor plan hot desk realities. Two special finds, including a Mexican Hand Towel and a set of Black and White Heathered Coasters from Uganda come together in a box ready for gifting, and set an elegant tone for anyone’s desk, no matter how large or small.


Chilly Office No More

Meridian | Alpaca Blanket and Huipil Pillow

Why can’t anyone solve the puzzle of freezing offices? While some may resort to fingerless gloves or winter hats while working on spreadsheets, we love the idea of wrapping your work wife (or husband) in a super luxurious, buttery soft Baby Alpaca Throw Blanket. In black, it’s chic enough to be displayed on the back of an office chair, or to function as a personal wrap at the chilly staff meeting.


Skip the Ergonomics

Meridian | Block Print Pillow and Huipil Pillow

No desk chair is complete without a little comfort. Skip the ergonomic wedges and gift your work friends with a Block Print Pillow. You’ll earn style points with a feminine floral cover hand printed by artisans in India plus a comfy, full pillow insert! (This one here is paired with our Guatemlan Huipil Pillow for a global collector look.)


Friends IRL

Meridian | Bone Inlay Frame in Black Floral

Nothing says friends in real life than a framed photo of the two of you. This Bone Inlay Picture Frame is just what you and your friend need to make it official. Add a photo and you’re good to go (just make sure it’s safe for work).


Be Tray Chic

Meridian | Raffia Tray featuring items from our Holiday Gift Guide

Everyone needs a little help decluttering the surface of their desk. There is no better way to organize than with a tray. Your friend will thank you for your thoughtfulness when you help them gather all of the business cards, writing utensils, and knick knacks and contain them in our Raffia Tray. Instant chic!


A Homey Touch

Meridian | Global Pillows and Lightweight Throw in Grotto

For a mindful and home-y touch, go with our Lightweight Throw in Grotto. He or she will appreciate its multi-functionality: Sling it over a chair for a comfortable in-office look, or bring it outdoors for a first day of Spring meeting al fresco.


Deskside Lunch Cute

Meridian | Tassel Placemat and Block Print Napkin Set

No one likes eating at their desks, but it’s a daily ritual for most of us. Step up your friend’s take-out game with a cute and fun Tassel Placemat. Lunch will immediately be less boring, and your friend will thank you for the considerate nod.


Commute in Style

Meridian | Vintage Indigo Zipper Pouch

This Indigo Pouch is the ultimate gift: It fits neatly in any tote, and holds everyday essentials to organize the daily commute, such as transit cards, lip balm and mints.


Hide the Small Stuff

Meridian | Woven Basket Ornaments

These Woven Basket Ornaments are a popular gift, and here’s why: They go on the tree (obvs), but multitask as present toppers, napkin rings, and (wait for it!) tiny deskside organizers. Their teeny size holds cute things like paperclips, USB drives, and all the little stuff that seem to get messy fast.


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