Why We’re Giving These Candles Away

When we returned to Mexico earlier this year, we visited with several of our existing artisan partners and met many new ones. During our research on the ground in Oaxaca, we happened upon a cooperative of women artisans and fell in love with these tiny candles. Their vivid colors and Day of the Dead symbolism just screamed “Mexico,” and their origins are at the heart of Meridian and what we do.

So we’ve decided to give them away! Free during the month of October, we’re gifting a petite skull candle with every purchase (while supplies last). You can use them for spooky celebrations, traditional ceremonies, or simply as a conversational or decorative piece as we transition the seasons.

Meridian | Skull Candles
These candles are handmade by artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico.

These little skull candles have been handmade in Oaxaca, a southern state of Mexico known for its artisanal crafts and cultural pride. The 400 member women’s cooperative who designs, carves, and pours these candles are dedicated to the preservation of traditional craft and the heritage of the artistic process.

Skulls and skeletons carry heavy symbolism throughout Mexico, and are typically associated with the Day of the Dead, or Día de los Muertos. This holiday, which is held on All Saints’ Day at the end of October to early November, celebrates the lives of deceased relatives and friends. Traditions include the building of a private altar, or ofrenda, in the family’s home, and honoring the deceased loved ones with their favorite foods, activities, flowers, and skull iconography. It is a celebratory holiday filled with festivities that reflect the life and spirit of those who have been lost.

Meridian | Hand-painted skull iconography is a popular souvenir in Mexico.
Handpainted skull iconography is a popular souvenir in Mexico.

We will be giving away a candle with every purchase through the end of the month of October. Be sure to snag one before we run out!

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